SURGERY - Digital Arts SURGERY takes it name from the large Georgian building in which it is situated. Built in 1820 it was originally a Corn Exchange and over the last hundred years a doctors' surgery. Now it has been converted into a digital arts centre with 3 separate studio spaces and accommodation for visiting artists, curators and collaborators.
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SURGERY - Digital Arts is a studio for the conception, production and direction of computer mediated installations, workshops and performance.

Recently acclaimed as "Wales’ leading digital artists" SURGERY’s innovative works have explored notions of interactivity for over 20 years.

From site-specific exhibits at museums, on rivers, in tumble-dryers and castles, each work collides the constraints of the physical with the concepts of computer programming in the design, development and implementation of ideas.

At SURGERY the computer is viewed as a process orientated technology, a pose in a state of flux. Each art work and application is created as a redefinition of a given environment through the construction of unique software and, in some instances, hardware.

SURGERY installations are held in the permanent art collections of, amongst others, the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow and the Science Museum, London - where they are cited as "pioneers of British software art".

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With Furtherfield, Soda and Tiltfactor