Domino May 1996 Gulbenkian Gallery, RCA, London
Site specific installation for TRY
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A computer mediated, site specific, networked installation of chance encounters, information manipulation and collaboration. Situated in three distinct sites throughout the gallery - Boneyard - Gamechain - Soldierline - video projections reveal different aspects of the state of play. The work can be approached on three, quite distinct, levels: - unwitting involvement - people unaware of the linkage between sites and of the effect of their movement in the Boneyard, the consequences on their viewing leaves traces in the game play; - active participation - people become aware, revisit the separate sites, piecing together the distinct areas, interacting with the space, making connections and conscious attempts to effect circumstance; - collaborating interaction - people collaborate and interact with each other and the gallery space in order to monitor and play the game, they form a human chain, passing information, becoming an analogue network, decoding, sending and receiving information.