Emergence November 1993, Digital Dreams, Newcastle, England
November 1992, Third International Symposium of Electronic Art,
Sydney, Australia
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An installation of dynamic visual and aural forms which hover and mutate, multiply and migrate.The elemental domains of the circle, the triangle and the square are activated by movement through space. Drawings and sounds are created as the body becomes inscriber and beacon, it's shadow casting light, it's gestures making marks. The participant's interaction with the work is mediated through a set of transformational rules which act on the audio and graphical output and on the installlation's rule base. The resulting drawings and sounds are therefore the culmination of changes brought about by all previous and current participants. Constantly shifting between discordance and concordance Emergence creates a subtle dynamic labyrinth, a complexity out of simplicity. In dealing with the elemental the installation redirects the focus of interaction from the quiescent observation and control of external production to one of introspection, exploration and contemplation.