Machination June 2000 Permanent Collection, Wellcome Wing
The Science Museum, London
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At the core of Machination is a neural network that has been exposed to images of over a thousand objects, ranging from the incidental and disposable - plastic toothbrush; to the purposeful and precious - turquoise jewellery; to the private and sentimental - birth tag; to the industrial and necessary - computer mouse. These images define the knowledge base, as the system 'dreams' it strengthens the neural network's learning by continually cycling through objects in it's memory. This process is interrupted only by peoples' presence, their images are processed by the network for recognisable areas of interest. The software attempts to match like with like, creating an improbable collages of digital association. Participants are caught in the machinations of machine vision, where the herring bone weave of a jacket becomes the fluted feather edge of a plastic bird's wing.