Odyssey April 1997 Arcade, London
October 1996 Digital Dancing, The Place, London
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A performance of reconfigured self, in which the dancer journeys to overcome separation and dislocation, to build a dialogue between her virtual and actual form. Representations of hands, feet and limbs, severed like tokens, blessed and hung, are encoded in computer memory. Linked to specific regions of space, they are evoked by movement, emerging through algorithmically generated flames. These fragile images become gestural drawings, suggestive forms of limbs scurrying, swimming, beckoning across the screen. Their disintegration leaves fragments, dissolving into the virtual ether, ghost traces of once active entities. Each element has three manifestations - the actual- the body of the dancer, moving in and through, reaching, stretching, toying within the potent space; the predetermined - the animations of each body part, with their prerecorded and digitally determined motion paths; the reconfigured - the unique response of each digital limb to the dancer's performance.